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Frequently Asked Questions.

Who do you accept as subs?

I am fully age and gender inclusive, Non Binary, Trans, Male, Female, Couples and all orientations over the age of 21 are welcome.​

This being said as a Professional Domme. I vet my potential clients and I reserve the right to refuse to session with  anyone at my discretion.

How can I approach you?


This is important to me. A correct approach is the first step towards building a relationship with me. It tells me that you as a prospective submissive is capable of following instructions.

A polite email, telling me about yourself, a few salient facts, your age, your level of expeience,

A potential sub should  make it intresting, make me curious about yourself. 

I am new to this world. What can I expect?

If your only experience of the BDSM word is Fifty Shades then please let me educate you:

I have been a domme for a long time and was a artist with the cane before those books were published.

A relationship between a sub and a dom is based on communication not coercion there is a big diffrence and I am quite happy to educate a nervous or new sub about this. 

You may be nervous upon first communicating with me.

Do not worry, just relax and I will draw you in deeper than you can imagine. If you are curious about the Sub/Dom world then I can be nurturing, I will draw out and allow you to indulge all of the feelings you are wresting with. 
I am proud of what I do and I am very good at what I do.

If you are a experienced submissive then you may have interacted with me brefore under my old  persona. 

I want to come and visit you now.

Well you cant!

I vet my clients ande work to a appointment system.  

Anticipation makes the experience better.

Do you work online?

Yes , isn't technoligy wonderfull.

I work online as well as in my chambers, However I will not have my time wasted. 

Do you travel?

Yes I do. However I charge for mileage and if it is a considerable distance then I will charge for accomodation too. 

Email me for further details

What do you do?

Ask me? I will say yes or no.

I do specalise in the following.


Psycholigical Domination


Corporal or Impact Play

Chasity and Keyholding

Shoe and Boot worship

Candle/Wax play

Hair removal Waxing


What do you not do?






Intimate body worship


AB/Extreme ageplay


There is something I am intrested in that's not on either list?

Thats fine. Contact me and we can discuss it. I am here to facilictiate your journey into the depths of submissive pleasure.
Ask me. If its something I don't do then I will politley refuse. No harm no  foul. 

 Tribute and Gifts

In chambers. 

30 minute spanking £80

60 minutes £150
Of course a longer session is preferable for both parties, It will draw you in deeper and enhance your experience. 

For a session longer than one hour, the tribute is negotiable.

Online charges start at £10 for 10 minutes and are negotiable for more time.


If a submissive wishes to show their devotion to me then I do appreciate all gifts brought with care and consideration. I have wishlists on Wishtender and on Throne.  I also have a wishlist on Amazon for my special subs. 


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