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So you wish to know more ?

About me

From a early age I was blessed with a headstrong and outgoing manner. Never a follower. Always a leader. This sometimes landed me in trouble in school. Where I discovered that the teachers could be persuaded to my point of view. 

I did not hear the term Dominatrix till I was older, then a lot of things and feelings clicked into place. But of course like all things even if it comes naturally then the skill has to be polished which I spent years doing.  I could tell you stories of my wild life.  However I belive that one of the cornerstones of this profession is Discression. So for now belive me whan I say I am. no stranger to this and very good at what I do. 


Before the Smartphone

As a lifetime Domme, I had a analogue childhood and a digital adulthood. I have a lifetime and wealth of experience and practice. I was practising before the smartphone and social media, and while technoligy has made things easier it has also increased the amout of timewasters. 



I am in a discrete location approximatley 40 mins driving time from Cardiff. 2 hours from Birmingham

3 hours from Heathrow and 3 hours from Manchester.

 I only release further details of my premises when a booking is made. 

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