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My Rules

Please read carefully

As a lifetime Domme, There is a set of rules that both the submissive and the dominant adbide by.

Discression and consent

  • I am always in charge.

  • NO means NO. As a Professional I reserve the right to session with whom I choose.

  • Do not arrive for a session under any kind of intoxication. No alcohol, drugs, relaxants.

  • Discression is both expected and given.

  • Consent is discussed beforehand and safewords in the form of a traffic light system. Or if gagged hand and foot signals are used.

  • Tributes and gifts are appreicated but should be discussed beforehand. I have wishlists on my social links.

  • Respectful language and behavior will get you further than attempring to provoke me though cheek. My punsihment is witholding rather than increasing. 

Contacting me

  • It is easy to contact me. A polite email through the link at the bottom of my pages. Or a polite introductory message though any of my socials.

  • And I do mean polite. Spamming me is not polite.

  • I do not use the chat messenger function on this website. So please do not message me through that.

  • Make your email interesting, tell me a little about yourself, your age, your level, if any, of experience, make me curious. Sell yourself. 

  • Once email contact is made then I continue with messaging at first then a phone call.After a phone call is made, What I prefer is a coffee and chat meeting in a public place before there is any kind of session.

  • The submissive will phone me and withheld numbers are ignored.

  • I do not play message and text tennis with subs for their own 'satisfaction.'

  • However I do have a life outside of this world. To this end I may not respond to messages immediately and I have a cut off point that I do not respond to messages between the hours of 10 pm to 8 am

  • I am the Domme. I do not chase. If we are talking on messenger or text/phone then ghosting me for weeks and then popping up as if nothing has happened is not appreciated. This is not Tinder.If we are already talking then a social Good Morning, Or a quick update on your life a couple of times a week lets me know the doors of communication are open and you haven't suddenly been abducted by aliens. 

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